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Spring Replacement

Can you garage door be dangerous for you? Yes! Many older garages in Denver still use an extension spring system to counterbalance the door. But the spring wears out over time and this can cause severe injury to any bystanders near. It may even kill you. When the springs are damaged, it makes a loud noise when it finally snaps. The worst part is if you are near the heavy 500-pound door, it can collapse, crashing down on you or your vehicle.

Garage Door Springs and Your Safety

You must realize that garage door springs are subjected to a tremendous amount of tension. You can imagine how it is operating to open & shut the 500+ pounder for you. When they get damaged and snap, if you are nearby trying to fix it or just near it, you will be severely injured. If your door is old just call an experienced technician in Deltona to inspect the springs & take necessary actions. It may start to squeak only, but you should be careful about it. You can apply some lubricant to stop the squeaking. However, if it doesn’t work, you may have a serious problem coming.

Garage Door Safety Cables

Safety cables can be considered as lifesavers. As mentioned earlier, the extension springs are subjected to a lot of tension and they may get damaged. Safety cables pass through your extension springs and are attached to your wall to provide you safety when the springs snap. If you don’t have safety cables installed, you must get them fast.

Balanced Springs & Spring Brackets

When your door gets stuck and stops working, there may be serious problems. You can try to the manual operation but further difficulty definitely means that your springs are out of balance. In this case, you can be confident that the problem isn’t going to fix itself and you need to call the experts to take a look at it. Noticed that the springs are connected to the brackets at the bottom? Well, the brackets are also under severe tension as well. So don’t forget to get them checked by the technicians. However, the good thing is, the newer models have tampered resistant brackets. This is safer for curious people who tries to fiddle with it and may get into trouble. It is essential for you to find out whether your springs are balanced or not and let the experts take care of the problem and maintain the spring brackets.